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"0 - setcookie(): Argument #1 ($name) cannot be empty" when logging on

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Mike K├Âlling:
Hi Martin,

the problem is gone on my TP when I login into  :)
Edit: I did not change anything. Just a new login.

Greetings from Potsdam / Germany,

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Yes, the message is gone, as Mike describes. Thanks.

But the old problem remains: The logon to the main page ( isn't permanent, while it is to the SMF pages, which seems to use the cookie 'SMFCookie...'. The cookie 'joomla_remember_me_...' shows an expiration date of 2021-08-25 (in a month), but apparently that doesn't work and the logon lasts only for the session. Maybe the additional session cookie applies here.


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