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pmMail 3.24 serious problems

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Neil Waldhauer:
The home page for PMMail/2 is here: http://pmmail.os2voice.org/index.php?title=Main_Page

When you go there, a button on the left side of the page takes you to the bug-tracker.

Martin Vieregg:
I have got 1350 mails in the SENT folder. If the messages are older than 2 years, I move them to subfolders 2018, 2019...

Meanwhile, I have updated to pmMail 3.25 and yes, it seems to be better than 3.24. But the vanishing E-Mails do not appear again.

Now I have managed a simple workaround to add the "from:" line to all affected files.

To make sure that you do not corrupt your msg files, make a backup copy of sent.fld without subdirectories.

1. Download my DO commandline tool http://www.hypermake.de/archive/do-os2.zip
2. Make the sent.fld current
3. create a batch file addfrom.cmd with the content:

--- Code: ---copy %1 temp.txt
copy from.txt+temp.txt %1
--- End code ---

3. create a text file from.txt with the missing "from:" line (do not forget the final Return)

4. run:

--- Code: ---do searchlistno . *.msg From: >repair_from.cmd
--- End code ---

You will get a list of files which are affected (do not contain "From:").

5. Edit the new batch file and make a search/replacement so you will get:

--- Code: ---call addfrom.cmd quapom00.msg
call addfrom.cmd quawhg00.msg
call addfrom.cmd quaxg100.msg
call addfrom.cmd qubmkd00.msg
--- End code ---

6. Run the batch file.

The file dates will update to the current date, but the correct dates are still shown in pmMail.


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