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Thunderbird logging


Neil Waldhauer:
I saw a recommendation to use the following for logging thunderbird. I want to help someone track down a mail bug.

thunderbird.exe 2>&1 | tee thunderbird.log

I've got a feeling this is the wrong kind of log to debug mail sending/receiving.

Thunderbird has some help on logging by setting two environment variables, but I don't know if that works. It does work, but I don't know what all the options mean.

Rem Thunderbird debugging
Set NSPR_LOG_FILE=f:\var\temp\tbird_log.txt

I imagine this might be called transaction log or something like that.

Dave Yeo:
Go to Tools-->Error Console and open it. Press Clear then try to reproduce your problem and see if anything interesting is logged by the error console, especially under the Errors button. Note that it is pretty verbose and most of the messages seem harmless.
Post anything that seems interesting.


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