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[Spiele] SCummVM for OS/2 1.6 - Hopkins FBI !!


Sigurd Fastenrath:

Since September there is a new SCummVM Version 1.6 around, ported by Paul Smedley - I can not thank him enough for making this still possible!!

By accident I read that this now includes support for the Hopkins FBI game. I bought this some time ago, have never been able to get it to run stable because

- the CD hast to be in a drive each time you want to play (my Laptops lack a CD)
- the game was unusable because the hardware was to fast for it

But now - just install ScummVM 1.6 (do not forget the SDL files in addition) and copy the HOPDATA directory from the CD (I have got the OS/2 version and it works as well) to the HDD: Then just "add game" and navigate to the HOPDATA directory on your HDD - that's it!!

It is running smooth and great, with sound and superb graphics!

I attach some pictures for your convinience.

Please note:

- I use SNAP with my new "Maximum Warp Desktop PC" (that is still under construction), if you use Panorama Vesa you may have troubles with wrong colours (everything blue) in this case switch the system from 16M to 64k colours

- what you see is a eCS 2.2 beta 2 (that I almost reverted to OS/2 Warp 4) on an 8 core AMD FX 8320 Processors. With Panorama you can use all 8 cores, but Graphic performance (GeForce 6600 PCIex16 with 256 MB RAM) is poor compared with SNAP (SNAP is about 10 times faster). But with SNAP you can only stable use 5 of the 8 cores - pretty enough for OS/2  ;)

- All the best to all of you for 2014!

Martin Iturbide:
Thank you. I didn't notices that Hopkins FBI started to get supported by ScummVM. Thanks for the screenshots.

Tuure Linden:
What am I doing wrong because I can't run Scummvm?

The included documentation was very short: it said only that SDL and libc066 are required. Both are installed. Still, when I'm trying to run it from command prompt there's an error message: SYS0191: SDL12 cannot be run in an OS/2 session. "SDL12"

And if I try to run it from Workplace shell by double clicking scummvm.exe, object properties are opened.

Dave Yeo:
Likely the wrong build/version of SDL12. IIRC, there are a few builds on Hobbes. Just putting the DLL in the program directory should be enough to test, assuming nothing else is using SDL12 at the time.

Tuure Linden:
Thanks, now it works! I had to download the specific SDL12 version from 2016.


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