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Per E. Johannessen:
Looking for a backup solution that after an inital full backup can be configured to only back up new and
changed files in futural back ups. (Backing up to an external SATA or USB3, both JFS.)
I have PM Backup Suite but cannot find any setting for backing up only new or changed files.
Any recommendtions?

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Per,

Well, the first thing that pops to mind is RSYNC...have you looked at that?

I had previously used dSync as well, but RSYNC is just more feature rich and being a Unix world creation has plenty of documentation and setup examples out there.

In fact, I have developed a RSYNC based REXX solution that I use here to backup both LOCAL and REMOTE devices. If you are comfortable with REXX and wish to pursue the RSYNC route let me know and I'll happily share the script.

Per E. Johannessen:
Thanks Dariusz,
yes, I had a quick look at RSYNC but before testing I'd like to know more about what is being used these
days by others. At least I'm not uncomfortable with REXX :) and would like to see the script.   

Dariusz Piatkowski:

--- Quote from: Per E. Johannessen on October 27, 2021, 08:30:04 pm ---...At least I'm not uncomfortable with REXX :) and would like to see the script...
--- End quote ---

Take a peek at the attached REXX script, re-named to rsync_backup.txt from rsync_backup.cmd per attachment rules.

Anyways, I have several instances of that script scheduled through CRON/2 utility, each one being a call to a stand alone CMD script.

Here is what that looks like for a LOCAL SOURCE & TARGET,

--- Code: ---[G:\util\misc]type rsync_backup_F_H.cmd
@echo off
rsync_backup.cmd LOCAL "F:/" "H:/"

--- End code ---

...and here is what I do to copy a LOCAL directory over to my NAS box:

--- Code: ---[G:\util\misc]type rsync_backup_AUTOMOTIVE.cmd
@echo off
rsync_backup.cmd REMOTE "G:/DESKTOP/Automotive" "V:/public/documents"

--- End code ---

Keep in mind that the NAS box is mapped through NetDrive, so it has a real OS/2 drive letter assigned to it. Of course you don't need to do this, but that's just how I implemented the config on my machine.

Typical LOCAL to LOCAL backup for my full OS/2 volume (boot, all apps and data) takes about 1/2 hr with this RSYNC approach, that's about a 150Gig of data:

--- Quote ---==========================================================================
RSYNC started:     10/27/21 - 01:25:05...


RSYNC CLI =>--archive --delete --progress --stats --whole-file --xattrs --os2-perms --human-readable --quiet  --exclude-from=G:\mptn\etc\rsync_exclude --log-file=G:\tmp\log\rsync_LOCAL_backup.log G:/ I:/

...whole bunch of file listing detail snipped here...

2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Number of files: 330651
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Number of files transferred: 298
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Total file size: 148.54G bytes
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Total transferred file size: 3.34G bytes
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Literal data: 3.34G bytes
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Matched data: 0 bytes
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] File list size: 30.11M
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] File list generation time: 0.060 seconds
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] File list transfer time: 0.000 seconds
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Total bytes sent: 3.37G
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] Total bytes received: 29.69K
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] sent 3.37G bytes  received 29.69K bytes  2.11M bytes/sec  elapsed 00:26:35
2021/10/27 01:51:39 [795] total size is 148.54G  speedup is 44.08

RSYNC completed:   10/27/21 - 01:51:39...

RSYNC took 1594.320000 seconds to complete the LOCAL backup task!

--- End quote ---

The various RSYNC options are controlled through the REXX script itself, just an array of 15 parameters that you can set to ON/OFF, but my config for the LOCAL copy is to do a FULL file as opposed to the incremental changes. I figured these are volumes on two local disks, so plenty of pipe to move whole files.

You can of course exclude certain files or directories, the script provides that option and you simply list those in the EXCLUDE file (which I do as well).

Dave Yeo:
I simply use a script containing,

--- Code: ---rsync.exe -a --links --stats --progress --no-perms --delete --log-file=C:/rsync/C_USB.LOG C:/ j:/cdrive/

--- End code ---
simple and works. J: is a USB drive


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