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Eugene Tucker:
Display-port and HDMI for video. Anyone ever get these working or is anyone working on it. More of the newer mother boards only support these. gone are DVI and VGA ports.

Roderick Klein:
Good news they just work. They are video driver agnostic. The video hardware deals with the HDMI port.
When you connect an LCD screen to a HDMI port at startup the Panorama driver will work just fine with HDMI port.

Roderick Klein

Martin Iturbide:

I think that on desktop computer it works. I had a PC with a NVidia card with only HDMI outputs and it worked. But what about laptops? Is there a way to enable/disable the HDMI/DisplayPort on those? I haven't tested that enough.


Doug Bissett:
Some years ago, I played with HDMI, and Display Port, on my Lenovo ThinkPad T510, and L530. I don't recall having any video problems using a TV as a screen. You do need to know how to switch, using the Fn key combination, and that probably needs to be done BEFORE starting to boot OS/2.

Andi B.:
DisplayPort works and is preferred.

But as usual with OS/2 it depends on what the BIOS offers. I talk about Panorama as SNAP only supports very old hardware. Usually the BIOS scans on which connector which monitor is attached and makes some decisions. Means if you have a monitor attached on DisplayPort it uses it. If you have a monitor attached at HDMI BIOS uses it. If there are monitors attached to both interfaces usually DP is preferred. There are also some settings in BIOS which affect which interface should be preferred and used. This is all done long before any driver (gengradd) is involved. So boot up (cold boot) after all cables are in place. Don't expect switching between interfaces on the fly with CTRL-ALT-DEL only.

Usually DisplayPort supports all resolutions while on older systems HDMI is not able to support f.i. 4k/60Hz even when the graphic chip can do it.

Another question is - will the BIOS offer the capabilities it detects from the interface, the monitor and the graphic chip in a form Panorama can use it? It depends. I've a system with build in Intel graphic and DP, HDMI and analog interfaces. It can handle 4k / 60Hz on DP and Win can use it. On HDMI only 4k / 30Hz is possible as HDMI at that time could not handle the necessary bandwidth and the BIOS knew this. Of course these modes work in Win. But the BIOS does not offer these capabilities in a form Panorama can use it. No more than WQHD was possible. So I had to install a PCIe graphic card with an integrated BIOS which does it right. DP works fine on this.


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