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New Seamonkey refresh... What gives????

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Eugene Tucker:
The new seamonkey Refresh link does not work did Dave Yeo remove it for some reason?

Dave Yeo:
It was actually refresh of SeaMonkey 2.35 for those still using it. Main difference is that it includes in tree NSPR4 and NSS due to those getting updated by RPM. It is linked to newer versions of some of the other libs as well.

Eugene Tucker:
OK Dave Thank you for your explanation.


--- Quote ---It was actually refresh of SeaMonkey 2.35 for those still using it.

--- End quote ---

Hi Dave, saw the Hobbes page for Seamonkey and top of page is SM 2.7.2.r2, both suite and browser.
Then scrolling down find other version 2.42, or else the one here mentioned 2.35.
What is he reason for having a refresh of 2.35 instead of a newer version like 2.42 ?
And also, are those two versions newer than 2.7.2?
In other words, if I had to install Seamonkey first time now (OS2 Warp 4.52), what version would be best?
Sorry for this basic knowledge question.
Thank you

Dave Yeo:
Hi Mauro,
SeaMonkey 2.7.2 is the 2nd bug fix for 2.7, 2.35 is much newer and 2.42 is newer again and 2.42.9 is newer again. They mostly correspond to Firefox releases and share most of the code so 2.35=FF38, 2.42=FF45 and 2.42.9=FF45.9. They're based of ESR releases so over a year there are security patches released.
In other words, SeaMonkey 2.42.9ESR is the latest. I rebuilt 2.35 because some YUM/RPM updates broke the original release.


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