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QBASIC POKE IN REXX is possible?

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I wanted to know if there is an instruction similar to QBASIC Poke in Rexx

POKE &H00006281, 238 in rexx =   ...


Andreas Schnellbacher:
Probably not. I don't really know that about Basic, but no REXX functions to write directly to memory (poke) or read from it (peek) come to my mind. Because I'm just at it: The E macro language for EPM, similar to REXX, has them.

Without creating a REXX DLL that provides them and if you limit it to common scripting languages, I would rather look at PERL etc. (without knowing if they exist there).


--- Quote from: Andreas Schnellbacher on November 05, 2021, 10:20:54 pm --- The E macro language for EPM, similar to REXX, has them.

--- End quote ---
I am trying to use the language E.
But I'm stuck when executing the Test.e example
Fail the link

The 'E' Language Translator for OS/2.  Version 6.03b
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1986-1989, 1990, 1991
 compiling ...


Microsoft (R) Segmented-Executable Linker  Version 5.10.005
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1984-1989.  All rights reserved.

Run File [TEST.EXE]:
List File [NUL.MAP]:
Libraries [.LIB]:
Definitions File [NUL.DEF]:
TEST.EX : fatal error L1101: invalid object module
 pos: 1 Record type: 00


Dave Yeo:
You're using an ancient 16 bit linker, try link386 or ilink

There can never be a POKE that can touch any arbitrary memory address. That would completely ruin the OS memory protection.
And then, it is unclear from the question, if we are talking about physical addresses or linear addresses.
If you really want to ruin your system, you would need to write a device driver which can be called via IOCTL and then call that from a REXX DLL.
Of course I would never,ever install such a driver or DLL.


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