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Jochen Schäfer:
Sorry, I was occupied with other stuff, and didn't look into the forums.
Next week, I have holidays. I try to make room for the issue.

Bye Jochen

would be happy to get FeatherNotes working again...
can only get access to the first page of what used to be a tree..
can also not create new trees...

Jochen Schäfer:
Hi Andreas.

I tried to PM you several times, but the messages seems to vanish. I cannot even see them in my Sent folder.

To the issue at hand:
In the provided file seems to be no problems. All persisted data in the XML are shown in FeatherNotes.
I can add and delete items, then save and reload. All items are there.

Can you provide more infos about what leads you to assume lost items?


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