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ArcaOS, VirtualBox, and mouse freezes

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Bennie Nelson:
In April, of this year, after many years of running ECS and ArcOS in VirtualBox on Windows, I switched to Redhat on new hardware. Since then random mouse freezes have started occurring in ArcaOS, and although the mouse is no longer in the ArcaOS VM, the rest of the VM is still running fine and can be controlled from the keyboard. This has been happening with two different versions of both VB and ArcaOS. The hardware includes AMD processor and video and two Dell monitors. I keep everything patched and up-to-date, including updating to ArcaOS 5.0.7 this past week.

The ArcaOS Mouse Setup dialog reports that the Mouse Driver is not properly installed, and includes the following Driver Version error message:
Failed to query version info: rc = 22

The only mouse driver specified in CONFIG.SYS is:

I folllowed the instructions in the Arca Noae wiki about installing the OS in a virtualbox, with the exception of the Display and Mouse drivers. I assumed that those were for the install process only and that the versions in the VBox Guest Additions would be used for the VM.

Any suggestions?

Bennie Nelson

Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Bennie Nelson on December 25, 2021, 06:02:49 pm ---The only mouse driver specified in CONFIG.SYS is:

--- End quote ---
That's caused by the additions. The message that something is not correctly installed may stem from a prior AMouse installation. Amouse is completely replaced by the VirtualBox driver, independant of what the pages of the Mouse object show. So in your case, it should be correctly installed with the single CONFIG.SYS entry.

BTW: It's also possible to deactivate the vboxmouse.sys and activate the amouse.sys driver instead. I had that set in order to keep the comfort of AMouse (scroll messages instead of keys messages and scroll window under pointer, not the one with focus). Maybe replacing the vboxmouse.sys driver changes something in your case.

Otherwise another idea is to change the mouse hardware.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Bennie

Possible checking what Andreas said, that you don't have vboxmouse.sys and amouse.sys enable at the same time on the config.sys. One of the two need to be REM out.

It can be interesting to inspect you VM specs in detail. You can try testlog (here it is the link) and do a "testlog generic" and share the report.


Bennie Nelson:
I ran grep -i and here are the results:
[c:\] grep -i mouse config.sys

The AMOUSE.SYS suggestion is excellent and I will try that next. I had already switched to a different mouse, but I forgot to mention that.

Bennie Nelson

Bennie Nelson:
AMOUSE.SYS rendered the system unusable. The mouse pointer moves erratically within the VM and clicking on objects produces no results. As a point of information, this VM is a fresh install of ArcaOS 5.0.7, and I did not specify any mouse driver, other than selecting the VBOX Guest Additions.

I went to the testlog link, and it asked me what to do with a DOS/Windows executable. Is this an OS/2 program?

Bennie Nelson


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