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ArcaOS, VirtualBox, and mouse freezes

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Bennie Nelson:
I found the answer to the testlog question here: https://www.arcanoae.com/wiki/producing-diagnostic-log-files/

I'll post a log after the condition occurs again.

Bennie Nelson

Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Bennie Nelson on December 26, 2021, 05:12:21 pm ---AMOUSE.SYS rendered the system unusable.

--- End quote ---
Strange. The same with changed mouse pointer hardware? With luck this is a VirtualBox problem.

Otherwise I would probably create an AN bug tracker ticket.

Bennie Nelson:
Replacing the mouse did not eliminate the issue. I'd like to identify the specific layer(s), but that is tricky. There are physical hardware components (motherboard, chipset, etc.), the host OS (Redhat) and drivers, VirtualBox, ArcaOS, VB guest additions, and perhaps others. I use SAMBA extensively, for example, and I've noticed that the number of shares and files puts quite a load on the ArcaOS VM. So I've backed off some of the shares, and that has helped some.

Bennie Nelson

If you install a new VB version, you will need to manually update the OS/2 additions. Somewhere in the VB GUI you will find an option to attach the additions. That will put the additions on the first CD-ROM Drive letter in your OS/2 guest. Unlock any DLLs in the "os2additions" Folder and then copy over and restart the guest.

Finally, make sure that a USB mouse is emulated as a PS/2 mouse. I don't remember if something specific has to be set up in the VB GUI or if this is default behavior.


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