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Bennie Nelson:
I'm interested in finding out how much effort is involved in creating the Warpin package for the VirtualBox Guest Additions. I maintain a number of ArcaOS VMs and I'm hoping there is an easier method than just manually updating the guest additions every time I move to newer releases of VirtualBox.

Bennie Nelson

Dave Yeo:
The documentation etc is under x:\sys\install\WARPIN. I think you can use wic.exe to disassemble the package, then after updating files, reassemble it. Haven't tried though.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Haven't tried though.
--- End quote ---

I did try, a few years ago. It is actually pretty easy to build a WarpIn installer. The problem is, that you need the updated files, before they are released, so you can build the installer, and that installer needs to be included in the release. Oracle isn't interested in any of that because they don't have an OS/2 system to run WarpIn to build the package, and if they don't build it, they won't include it (you never know what might be in an externally produced package, so they won't do it).

After much experimenting, I decided that a REXX script was the answer, but they won't include that either. My script is now very much out of date (it doesn't include the access to shared folders), and it really isn't needed any more, since ArcaOS now installs that stuff for you (but only at an initial install, I think).

One very important thing, is: DO NOT copy the LIBC stuff into your system, unless you really want trouble. The stuff in the Extensions is way out of date, and you could replace the up to date stuff, if it is already installed.

Bennie Nelson:
So I extracted the install script (wic -X) from the VirtualBox WPI file and listed the package (wic -l), but I have not found a way to list the specific files in the package other than extracting them with wic -x. It looks like I should be able to delete the 9 files, add the newer versions from the Guest Additions ISO, update the script (see below), and add that, as well.

Archive: "vboxadd.wpi"
WPI revision: 3
Stub size: 0 bytes
Package 1
     9 files, size:  5,107,122 bytes original
                     1,694,924 bytes compressed (67% compression)
Summary: 1 package(s), 9 files total
     5,107,122 bytes original
     1,694,924 bytes compressed (67% compression)

The version string for the PACKAGEID in the install script would need to be changed:
<PCK INDEX=1 PACKAGEID="Oracle\VirtualBox\Client Additions\6\1\12"

What am I missing?

Bennie Nelson

Neil Waldhauer:
I suggest extracting all the files, replacing what you want, then assemble all the files.

Check the license file to see if you can publish your WarpIN package. You might be making this for your own purposes, but if you can get others to use your package, it will help you find any bugs sooner.


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