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Simple Browser revisited.

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Dave Yeo:
Starting a new thread about the latest simple browser as the last one got long and wandering.
I just realized that if you install qt5-qtwebengine-examples 5.15.2-1 (netlabs-rel) along with its dependencies (I'd suggest the corresponding debuginfo files as well), we get,
This is a newer one then the one that escaped and at least supports copy and paste for passwords and such. Still a simple browser with no bookmarks, url completion and so on but it displays a lot of sites that our other browsers puke on.
You will have to mark as much to load high as possible. I started with (in @unixroot\usr\lib)

--- Code: ---highmem -c qt5*dll

--- End code ---
Then discovered trying to play a youtube video consistently crashed with a sigtrap from code protecting allocating too much memory or such, so I did,

--- Code: ---highmem -c av*dll

--- End code ---
to mark all the FFmpeg DLL's to load high, this includes the ones used by Mozilla, probably a good idea on its own. There's likely a few more I haven't got around to as they're small.
The browser is still unstable, and it is slow, too slow on this 3.1Ghz I5 to play Youtube videos. Still for looking at the occasional page, it seems to work.
I'd also advise setting the VIRTUALADDRESSLIMIT as high as possible, 3072 here. The first simplebrowser came with a script that set a couple of environment variables, "KAI_AUTOMODE=DART" which is likely already set in ArcaOS and "QTWEBENGINE_CHROMIUM_FLAGS=--single-process" which could be set in the program object. I've tried with and without the "--single-process" and didn't notice much difference in my limited testing.
As said, it is crashy and has crashed silently a few times as well as locking up the computer. Also depressing when sites still complain that it is old and unsupported, while rendering the page fine.

Eugene Tucker:
David where do we get this if we are allowed?

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Eugene Tucker on December 29, 2021, 05:46:17 pm ---David where do we get this if we are allowed?

--- End quote ---

It's an RPM, use ANPM or do "yum install  qt5-qtwebengine-examples"

Eugene Tucker:
Thank you Dave!

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Dave. I'm trying it right now.

Just a little note. The simplebrowser.exe gets installed on "X:\USR\LIB\QT5\EXAMPLES\WEBENGINEWIDGETS\SIMPLEBROWSER" , so it is not on the path.



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