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Simple Browser revisited.

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--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on December 29, 2021, 04:30:20 am ---Starting a new thread about the latest simple browser as the last one got long and wandering.
I just realized that if you install qt5-qtwebengine-examples 5.15.2-1 (netlabs-rel) along with its dependencies (I'd suggest the corresponding debuginfo files as well),...............

--- End quote ---

Hi, I'd like to ask if someone of you can see the reason why have no such rpm package listed in netlabs-rel category (my ANPM connects and download packages database as started).
Do you think I'm missing some important update of ANPM version so that it can't sincronize with the latest repository database?
Thank you

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Mauro.

My only guess is that the package is only for the "pentium4" platform and your installation is for the "i686".

--- Quote ---[C:\]yum list qt5-qtwebengine-examples
arcanoae-rel         | 1.9 kB  00:00
netlabs-rel          | 2.9 kB  00:00
netlabs-rel/primary_ | 2.6 MB  00:03     - ] 476 kB/s | 2.4 MB  00:00 ETA
Installed Packages
qt5-qtwebengine-examples.pentium4            5.15.2-1.oc00             installed

--- End quote ---

For what I understand Qt5 and all new stuff will be compiled for "pentium4".

Check you are using the latest ANPM (1.0.7). Open ANPM and select "Manage  - Platform..." and check that pentium4 is on top of the list.

Check again to see if that helped in something.

The file is also here: http://rpm.netlabs.org/release/00/pentium4/pentium4/qt5-qtwebengine-examples-5.15.2-1.oc00.pentium4.rpm



--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on December 31, 2021, 04:07:26 pm ---Hi Mauro.

My only guess is that the package is only for the "pentium4" platform and your installation is for the "i686".

--- End quote ---

Right Martin, that was the point, only i686 platform setted, now I've added P4 and found what I was looking for.
Never noticed this platform separation in ANPM before, I'm pretty sure they were given both by default at least in a previous ANPM version, do not understand the reason for switch having just one at ANPM start.
Thank you

ok, installed both qt5-qtwebengine-examples and qt5-qtwebengine-debuginfo with yum install command because using ANPM GUI stopped the installation at the end with a long list of missing packages, while the yum install command completed the process (then also appearing as packages installed in ANPM GUI).
But could not start simplebrowser.exe, in the image you can see the error message I get.

Dave Yeo:
Looks like you have to upgrade libgcc1 to 9.2.0-5, possibly libstdc++ too to the same version. My ones are still i686.
As for the need to use the Pentium M repo for the simplebrowser, it seems to need SSE2 support.


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