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Seamonkey 2.42.2 SRE Mem Patch

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I have been trying that SeaMonkey did not close me. Always with Standard Memory.

And I started patching the memory.
Each time works better.

I have already generated above 3000 poke lines, which if there would not be a pattern I understand
It would be impossible to work.

What I think it happens is that the exceptq program shows me some error points that
They are found in 5B, and the only thing I do is change the 5B for 1, A6 or 238

What I believe is that the system when it is located with a value 5b is slowing down so much that it fails.
But when changing it for another value like 1 the fastest I think, but not the best.
The A6 when they are errors that may appear on the screen. The AD value will also be valid.
And 238 when errors affect sound.

The Open Journal ver101 program, works OK, showing the text of the months. This program helped me find the values A6, AD, as valid.
 The EPM has been very helpful.
 Sometimes everything worsen, but when it continued improved.

I hope it serves them.
I attached the patch, smm20.zip. Happy and prosperous 22



David McKenna:
Hi Roberto,

 I use SeaMonkey (rather unstable) and would like to try this, but it's not clear how to use it. Can you describe how to use and what it does? Also, does it matter what version of SeaMonkey 2.42.9 ESR to use? Dave Y has made a few, and so has Bitwiseworks and I think even Arca Noae. Thanks for any hints...


Hello, a brave
First of all this is experimental, backup ... BEFORE trying.

Ver Seamonkey:
User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (OS/2; Warp 4.5; rv:45.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.0 SeaMonkey/2.42.9esr
Build identifier: 20180329234048
I understand that this is a Version of Dave, they are the best, and generates mistakes with error end.
Like this REM POKE &H001AFA1B, A6

To use it:
When you start the computer.
Open a DOS window session, and executes
  Qbasic.exe D:\smm23r.bas
Then you press Run Enter, until it shows you a black window with a cursor. That's it.
Sometimes you have to try 3 or 4 times until it starts. And on some equipments you can not run.
Then you open SeaMonkey.

what it does?
The simple answer, it would be attempt that I do not close both the seamonkey.
The complex response, I do not know what he does.
 What he does already explain it on another mail. Change values by others.
What things affect, afinet.sys (I hang the system on one occasion),
 but when adding other patches I could add what hung it and stopped hanging up.
 Many little things.
The only failure that I have found is that to upload or lower the volume with ALT + mouse wheel fails sometimes,
 but clicking on the continuous video.


Updated, now I think if it works. Whenever a minimum of approximately 1.6GB free memory is maintained.Of a total of 4gb
If you overcome it, do not expect it to be closed, the SM hangs up. The system will continue to work, but very short of memory.
That gives a lot of game.



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