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JFS - Trap 0003 - anyone?

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David McKenna:
 Thanks, Dave - great idea about putting the cache on the RAM drive, I'll definitely try that.


Dariusz Piatkowski:
OK, thanks for the feedback you guys.

I'll hold off on getting that ticket logged. Instead, I changed my JFS cache settings to those that have proved to provide me the best performance and am currently running with these.

I suspect that the issue I had ran into was probably not caused by the BUFFER settings, however not having a spare setup to replicate this on I'm just going to try to "stay away" from the combo (settings and actions) that caused me that TRAP.

Roderick Klein:

--- Quote from: Dariusz Piatkowski on January 06, 2022, 02:51:27 pm ---Folks!

I figured I would inquire here first before logging a ticket for the AN folks on this JFS issue.

So the other day I had a weird situation: my nightly RSYNC job LOG needed to be "rotated" having grown to some 32M in size over the past couple of years. I decided to manually split it up into calendar year LOGs. I most likely had the file open in my editor while at the same time attempted to execute a CLI copy of that big file.


JFS died with TRAP 0003...meltdown!

Following a power re-boot JFS did a check disk and uber quickly flashed some messages up on the screen about lost directories. The chkdsk forced an automated re-boot and a 2nd chkdsk run. At the end of what felt like the longest 5 mins ever I got back to my MAINT partition to discover that my 'lost+found' directory now had some 17k files. Clearly chkdsk found some directory problems and moved a boat-load of files into the 'lost+found' directory. Yikes!

Anywyas, I was aware that this is probably the worst JFS situation when directories are mangled. Now luckily for me I had a nightly backup (RSYNC...LOL), so I was able to recover just fine. The mangled directories turned out to be my Firefox and Thunderbird cache, thus the massive listing of files.

Now that I'm up and running again and spending a little time researching this I discovered the following description of a TRAP 0003:

--- Quote ---TRAP 0003 - BREAKPOINT. This is a special instruction (INT 3) used in "debugging" software, which was left in the code either accidentally or by design. Contact software support.

--- End quote ---

Further on, the following is also available:

--- Quote ---[G:\]help 1933

SYS1933: A program caused a breakpoint error.  The program was ended.


EXPLANATION: A program started an INT 3 instruction when it was not
being run by a debugger.

ACTION: Correct the program and retry the command.

--- End quote ---

I found this extremely interesting given that in this latest version of JFS AN announced a successful quashing of a JFS bug when operations on a file LARGER than the JFS CACHE would potentially trap.

In my case I am running a large 1G cache, so I do not think this to be the issue...however as I experiment with various MIN and MAX buffer settings I may have potentially ran into a problem there. Hard to tell and NO I have not tried to replicate this issue!!! ha....

Take a look at the attached TRAP screen...what do you guys make of it?


--- End quote ---

Is this under ArcaOS ? I ask this as I am not familiar with older OS/2 versions. But if you are running ArcaOS are you also dealing
the latest ACPI, JFS and OS2KRNL from Arca Noae ? They contain different fixes that can resolve a TRAP 3.
But I am not certain.


Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Roderick,

--- Quote from: Roderick Klein on January 09, 2022, 12:28:29 am ---Is this under ArcaOS ? I ask this as I am not familiar with older OS/2 versions. But if you are running ArcaOS are you also dealing the latest ACPI, JFS and OS2KRNL from Arca Noae ?

--- End quote ---

No, this is not AOS. Warp 4.52 actually, SMP of course using the AN drivers, that includes the latest kernel and JFS.

I rarely (if ever anymore) put anything in as a ticket with AN because their official policy is to support only the AOS environment. It may have been somewhat different when the 'OS/2 Drivers' subscription was initially available (not sure if it is anylong actually or not).

Dave Yeo:
The problem is that you are using the latest kernel on Warp v4.52. IBM has only licensed it for ArcaOS so Arca Noae isn't going to support it, at that they basically can't support it.


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