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SeaMonkey downloads and Unix permissions

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Dave Yeo:
I seem to have lost interest in this some time back, getting old :)
Anyways, I've had to revert the chmod patch for now as it turns out it broke creating a new profile on a virgin install.
As these newer builds are going to be in AOS 5.1, for stabilties sake I've simply reverted the patch for now and hopefully will revisit. At this point the builds up to 06-06-22 have the chmod patch, making things like Samba happy but new profiles broken. The ones I'm currently uploading are the opposite, no chmod but new virgin profiles working.

David McKenna:

 Thanks for the head's-up on this. This problem was maddening for me, it took a long time to figure it out and it really was not acceptable, but I understand your situation, and you were able to fix it once notified, so I hope you can figure out a new solution eventually. Luckily, we have Dooble now (which seems to work OK). In the mean time I will stick with the fixed version.



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