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Any experience return after ArcaOS upgrade ?

I did it several days ago.
I had to exclude my on board M.2 PCI-E disk (win7) to be able to upgrade my system or no disk was displaied
Upgrade was fast
After final reboot, it looks like it is more responsive...
After several days, my system is less stable as before !
each time I start Systemload, I have 2 to 3 CPU at 100% in the xcenter (I start firefox and things goes normal but....)
WPS has issue... Many freeze a WPS restart didn't help
Sound looks more unstable too
I've got a WPS freeze while playing a video using KMP ! (never got this before)
I had to upgrade my OpenOffice to 4.1.11 because previous build crashes a lot.
It looks like the trap D disappeared but in place, I have from time to time a trap E (OS2DASD) only when I left my Big USB key plugged.
(My 5.0.2 had all drivers and dll's at latest level)


Dave Yeo:
There's a bug in the xcentre CPU widget where some of the CPU's seem to get stuck at 100% until something like Firefox actually uses 100%. Can't remember if it was fixed or not. Compare to the CPU monitor in Programs-->Utilities to see if something actually has them pegged.
Some of the latest RPM updates also seem to have made things more unstable, or as Lars figures, exposed some bugs.

Since the last update, I use again lars os2dasd  (no trap d nor trap e)
I switched from current pmmerge to the lastest build os4.
System seems to be more stable now, I have to test more week before confirming this !
Did someone try this too ?   

Andi B.:

--- Quote ---I switched from current pmmerge to the lastest build 4os2.
--- End quote ---

What do you mean by that?

I did a mistake
The PMMERGE I found under os2world tested and build for OS/4.
 9/05/21 17:35      1 781 689     49 a---  pmmerge.dll      << this one
10/04/07 18:26      1 270 275    124 ----  PMMERGE.dl_  << this is the orginal one

Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001
Signature:       @#OS/4 Team:0.1.dev#@##1## 9-5-2021 18:35:40      dev4::::0::@@
 OS/4 PmMerge SVN 6112
Vendor:          OS/4 Team
Revision:        0.01.dev
Date/Time:       9-5-2021 18:35:40
Build Machine:  ev4
File Version:    0.1
Description:     OS/4 PmMerge SVN 6112


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