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Paul Smedley:
Hi All,

Lewis asked for an update to squid cache (http://www.squid-cache.org/),  so  I built v5.3  this morning.

Note this has only been very lightly tested.


Feedback appreciated :)



Harald Kamm:
Hi Paul, thank you very much for having ported Squid 5.3! I would have liked to test it: "SYS1804: The system cannot find the file GSSAPI." After having installed all the Heimdal / Kerbors stuff Squid traps:

 Exception Report - created 2022/01/21 06:56:32

 LIBC: Killed by SIGILL

 Hostname:         hal
 OS2/eCS Version:  2.45
 # of Processors:  1
 Physical Memory:  2046 mb
 Virt Addr Limit:  1536 mb
 Exceptq Version:  7.11.5-shl BETA8 (Jun  1 2020 18:37:02)


 Exception C000001C - Illegal Instruction

 Process:  L:\SQUID\SBIN\SQUID.EXE (01/18/2022 06:20:10 7,628,584)
 PID:      4A74 (19060)
 TID:      01 (1)
 Priority: 200

 Filename: L:\SQUID\SBIN\SQUID.EXE (01/18/2022 06:20:10 7,628,584)
 Address:  005B:000D7A99 (0001:000C7A99)

So may be some hint on the requirements would be useful :-)

Best, Harald

Dave Yeo:
Hi Harald, SIGILL is a bad instruction, usually from targeting a newer processor then the one you're using. What CPU do you have? And what is the failing opcode, be the section "Failing instruction" in your trp report just below the part you quoted.

David McKenna:
Hi Paul,

 Well, I tried, but just could not get this thing to work. It seems to run OK, except for some errors in the log file (attached), but doesn't add anything to the access log. SeaMonkey just hangs forever if I set it up to use squid, but confess I may not understand how to set it up properly - instructions on the net are all for Windows and Linux and do not seem even remotely related to this port. Another thing I found is it only works if the 'squid' directory is copied to the root of the 'UNIXROOT' drive. Anywhere else and it says it can't find the squid.conf file (is the location hardcoded?) - not even %ETC%, or %UNIXROOT%\etc. I'm stumped...


David McKenna:
 Forgot to mention - when first running squid it would give an error that it could not determine the hostname of the computer (even though I have SET HOSTNAME=NETMACHINE in CONFIG.SYS) and close, so I added 'visible_hostname=NETMACHINE' to squid.conf to take care of that...



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