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Neil Waldhauer:
I think I need a modem for a modern computer that lacks a standard serial port. So probably a USB modem. I remember the problems with WinModems, and I think those problems are still there. But I think I have a reasonable modern modem that would work with our USB com driver.

Does anyone have any idea if this would work?


Rich Walsh:

--- Quote from: Neil Waldhauer on January 22, 2022, 02:27:37 am ---Does anyone have any idea if this would work?

--- End quote ---

I think the key is this line from the product datasheet:

--- Quote ---This controller-based modem integrates powerful communications processing functions into the modem itself, for assured performance without sapping your computer’s processing power.

--- End quote ---

IOW, it sounds like it's a real modem that does the work itself instead of foisting it off on Windows.

Dave Yeo:
Yes, I used those while stuck on dial up. Only the Arca Noae USB drivers worked with it and they're very sensitive to lightning, I went through two. Luckily they were cheap at the local drug store due to being discontinued.
Actually might have been a different modem that only worked with the Arca Noae USB drivers. Anyways other then the lightning problems, they were fine on my crappy landline. IIRC, you do have to install the supporting USB drivers.

Dave Yeo:
Another thing was that using the Injoy dialer's NAT, I had to kill socktidy or not load it. IIRC, all it needed was the basic ATZ to initialize it.

Neil Waldhauer:
I got a US Robotics 5637 USB modem and plugged it in. I installed USBCOM.SYS with no command line switches

Mode COM1
SYS0020: The system cannot find the device specified.

The output of usbtree.exe:

--- Code: ---USB driver version = 12.10
----- USB device tree ---------------------------------------------------------
DS 07a0=777c

Controller 0: USBXHCD$
Root Hub 0 (16 ports) 8086:31A8
  Port 4: Device 0BAF:0303  HS U.S. Robotics
  Port 5:  Hub 1 (4 ports) 0557:7000 (FS hub) ATEN International Co., Ltd Hub
    Port 1: Device 04D9:2013 (HID)-(Keyboard)(HID)-(Mouse) LS Holtek Semiconductor, Inc.
    Port 4: Device 093A:2510 (HID)-(Mouse) LS Pixart Imaging, Inc.
  Port 8:  Hub 2 (4 ports) 05E3:0610 (HS hub with multiple TT) Genesys Logic, Inc.

--- End code ---


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