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Samba Shares - default CAPS in filenames?


Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi Everyone,

I've noticed this the other week: it would appear that ALL newly created documents which I am saving on my NAS (therefore using Samba client connection) are using UPPERCASE letters, this is despite the fact that within the application itself I am actualy saving with lowercase, and/or combination of the two.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I recall having a sporadic occurence of this before, but I just attributed that to "human mistake" as I rarely create a lot of NEW documents on my NAS. But recently I have been doing a bit of a re-org and moving some of my OS/2 application specific things to formats that non-OS/2 apps can read and that is how I discovered this issue.

The NAS confirmation has not changes at all and so far I haven't spent much time researching the Samba config side of it, that'll be my next step though. In the meantime I was curious if anyone else has been encountering this behaviour?


David McKenna:
 Hi Dariusz,

  No problem with changing to caps when copying to my SAMBA server here, but it is not a NAS, it's Paul's 4.11 SAMBA server running on an OS/2 box. Hopefully just a configuration issue on the NAS...


If it didn't do that before something must have changed.  My three NAS boxes save all file names that I put on them in the case I gave them no matter what operating system I do it with, OS/2, ArcaOS, Linux Mint and even my Samsung tablet.

I think you need to look at what you sent to the NAS when this happened, it should give you some idea of what might have happened.  Some character in a filename maybe.;

Dariusz Piatkowski:

So now that I'm aware of this symptom, and can readily replicate it, I spent a little more time learning about the Samba aspects.

As best as I can tell the pertaining section of the smb.conf file is:

--- Code: ---...
case sensitive  = auto
default case    = lower
preserve case   = yes
short preserve case = yes

--- End code ---

I specifically have these under the [global] group, which means that the same settings apply to all the shares.

I have been able to determine that my Win 7/10 shares behave as expected: the case is preserved when a NEW file is created. It is only my NAS box that does not.

However, further on I discovered that in a CLI window the actual file object does in fact have the correct lower/upper-case, only the WPS folder listing shows the filename in ALL CAPS.

Further still...once a re-boot happens the WPS itself switches to show the correct mix of upper/lower-case, which is a perfect sync with what I see in the CLI itself.

Alright...so I'm running XWP here (1.0.14 - Oct_2021), not sure if that is causing this behaviour, however it is VERY weird that after a re-boot what XWP shows is correct.

Re: smb.conf settings, to rule out any of the above combinations as causing this behaviour I tried multiple combinations, including completely commenting these out. Turns out this had no impact.

What is interesting is that my Win 7/10 shares are flagged as supporting EAs, while the NAS box does NOT, so maybe that has some bearing on the outcome as well?


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