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GenMU WIFI driver for Ralink 301

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Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Vendor 1814h  Ralink
Device 0301h  RT2561/RT61 802, 11 g PCI
Subsys Vendor 1737h Linksys

--- End quote ---

Okay, that would be a 1814:0301. I am not sure which windows driver it would use. I need the windows driver file name. Older drivers (win NT) work best. Newer drivers may not work, at all, but there may not be much choice.

The Windows (2K) driver is rt61.sys and the version is

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote from: jkrim on January 27, 2022, 04:03:39 pm ---The Windows (2K) driver is rt61.sys and the version is
--- End quote ---

Okay, I found it. Unfortunately, that one (more than one version) is in the "doesn't work" bin. We do not have source code to work with, so there isn't much that I can do about that.

The usual (and actually much better) plan is to get a WiFi Travel Router that connects using a wired NIC. The ones that i have  are getting old, so I won't make suggestions. Somebody else may have a current model, that works with OS/2.

What do you mean exactly by "doesn't work"?   I used Martin's guide.  I found that the GENM32W.OS2 file already has the RT61 entry so didn't need to hack it.  I copied the Windows (2K) files (.inf, .reg and .sys) over to eCS.   I created a .nif file and added the card through System Setup->Network->Adapters and Protocols .  When I booted, Genmac loaded the driver.  The only problems I seem to have are that the widget says it is installing but doesn't show up on the bar at the bottom of the screen and more importantly  that the "scan connection" on the wireless monitor is greyed out.  This is probably due to the fact that I notice that on the Wireless LAN monitor properties page I see this:

wpa_supplicant version on your system
wpa_supplicant.exe not found!

Does the wpa_supplicant need to be installed somewhere or am I missing something else?

I am attempting to use Wireless LAN monitor version 3.13.   

Dave Yeo:
The common problem is the inability to operate the radio. Can't turn the radio on and off, can't get a connection.
IIRC, the wpa_supplicant is for connecting to encrypted WiFi and without it, can only connect to an open system.


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