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eCS hangs on boot loading OS2DASD.DMD

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I had a working eCS installation and suddenly when I boot it, it hangs loading OS2DASD.DMD because Alt-F2 at the logo shows the message on boot and it is stuck.  Any ideas?

Roderick Klein:
Did you modify something on the disc layout, add or removed a partition ?

The hang on OS2DASD.DMD can be caused by a problem switching from the miniFSD to the IFS driver used on the boot volume.

What is however more likely is that the partition is damaged. Boot from install media and run from an OS/2 command line:

chkdsk bootdrive: /f and let the chkdsk run.


I didn't modify anything, however, after a couple attempts it finally booted.  But it still seems like it fails for some reason a few times until it finally works again.  I am unable to boot any install media for this eCS installation so when it goes south I am forced to restore the entire partition with a "good" copy using a Dfsee saved image.     

Dave Yeo:
Dying hardware?

I occasionally have this problem with an OS/2 guest under Virtualbox. I don't know where it comes from.

But you might want to play around with the switches for DANIS506.ADD or OS2AHCI.ADD (whatever you are using) to slightly lower performance (for example, for OS2AHCI.ADD, do not enable native command queueing, do not enable HW write cache etc.) so see if that makes a difference.


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