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Trap 000D when trying to go to command line


I am trying to boot eCS to the command line by pressing the Alt-F1 when the white square appears in the upper left hand corner, then pressing F2 to get to the command line.   Immediately after pressing the F2 to get to the command line, I get a Trap 000D and stop.  I am wondering if anyone knows which CONFIG.SYS the system is using to boot to the command line at the blue selection screen after pressing ALT-F! at the square then pressing F2?  Aside from that question, is there any other way to identify/debug why there is a TRAP 000D?

Martin Iturbide:

I'm trying to dig that out of my memory.... I think it is config.x on C:\os2\BOOT.

Please post back if you find which driver was not allowing you to boot in Alt+F1 mode.


Compare os2/boot/config.x with config.sys.
The difference (in drivers) must be causing the trap D.
The trap screen also usually shows the module that failed (but not always).

Thanks, Martin.  Yes.  It is the config.x.   I verified by adding PAUSE.SYS drivers to make sure it paused.  I am not exactly sure which driver was the culprit but I suspect it was at least the PRINT01.SYS which was also commented out in config.sys.   I commented out several others that didn't load (but no TRAP 000D, just a message) and now I can get to the command line.  This is going to make my life much easier as I had no way to recover from a normal boot hang other than restore a "good" image of the eCS partition with Dfsee.


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