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Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi ivan,

--- Quote from: ivan on February 09, 2022, 01:42:22 am ---...My main work version of OS/2 is based on ArcaOS 5.6 with most of the linux junk stripped out.  It is connected to a hanns.g 28 inch monitor via an hdmi kvm switch, my linux box is connected to that monitor as well and is mainly used for firefox to allow me to get to some sites that require a newer version to work...
--- End quote ---

Consider deploying FreeRDP client on OS/2 and get the server side up on the Linux box and use the seamless window RDP connection to put a Linux FF right on your OS/2 Desktop.

I have been taking that approach with my Win 7/10 based apps for a little over a year now...and actually use a fulls-creen RDP connection in about 90% of the cases as I usually need to have numerous other Win apps besides FF up and running.

Hi Dariusz,

I did consider that but I had the KVM switch available, connected to the win xp box that runs my met station setup, so it was easier to use that.  It works, why change it? is my way of working.

I put money into three or four versions of OS/2 and one version of ecommstation. I love the basic OS/2 interface and the way it works.
ecommstation wasn't an upgrade. it was os/2 with  a lot of crap thrown in.  I decided I would not throw any more time or money down that hole.
I have tried Linux and find it wanting. the underlying operating system is ok but overly complex and things (files) are scattered everywhere. trying to repair a problem is a mess. 
I have about 50% of the time installed programs and the don't run.
The desktops change with every upgrade and the settings are lost...I don't consider the desktop to be stable.  The thing locks up or crashes quite often the O/S still seems to be running but you can't cleanly get to it and restart it.  So I am done with that. and trying to make broken things work.
So here I am almost 80 with bad vision and some cognitive difficulties , I cannot understand icons  so they don't do me any good.
So I am trying to set up a character based desktop.
So I am running on a 10 year old Mac with a lighted keyboard.  I don't use the Mac apps much the are too dumbed down to be useful and their cuteness is useless.
On the Mac I use Dos with Dosbox-X and OS/2 4.52 on VirtualBox.
So I guess that is where I am going to stay.

Martin Iturbide:
That's good Jim.
Every person has different needs based in their life experience, age and choices. Keep what it works for you, we are just here to help with OS/2 and share what we know.



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