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Odin Game: SiN


Martin Iturbide:

There where reports and even a package to help you run SiN with Win32OS2 (the old Odin project). SiN is based in the Quake 2 open source machine as far as a I read about it.

Today I wanted to amuse myself and see if I can run the game.
- I downloaded the demo: https://archive.org/details/swizzle_demu_Sin
- The zip installer run fine with "pe Sin.exe"
- But after the install on "var/lib/odin/Program Files/Activision/Sin demo" if I run "pe Sin.exe" the graphics don't look enough to play (like flickering) and the game quits.

I also check the Sin Starter Pack from hobbes. The instructions are from 1998 and it asks to patch OLE32.DLL which I can no longer found on today's Odin.

I tried to use a different glide file and try to adjust some of the suggestion on "Sin Star pack"'s readme, but no luck yet.

I don't  know if someone, just for the amusement of playing the game, wants to take a look at it and give me some hints if it can run.



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