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Timeline announcement for public beta of new Otter Browser....

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--- Quote from: Roderick Klein on February 15, 2022, 09:49:14 pm ---I will check Dmitry from Bitwise Works. But I seem to recall the Falkon browser would even be more work, because we need yet another library and would take more time to port.

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--- Quote from: Dmitriy Kuminov on February 16, 2022, 12:01:11 am ---The reason is simple: Falkon (as opposed to its predecessor Qupzilla) is KDE based. So, besides Qt, it also requires a recent version of KDE Framework (KF5) to build. It is a huge project and it is a very complex task to port it it to OS/2.

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There is an option to build a qt based version without the additional KDE dependencies. In case the KF5 build system/framework needs to be ported as well its too much work, true.

Paul Smedley:
XDA article on the new browser https://www.xda-developers.com/otter-browser-os2/?fbclid=IwAR0v8AI-hdwt38XWY1CB9b2mQ6TJVk0LkTYCCIaGPxGLtDOtWaAwQO-kMFI


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