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Dariusz Piatkowski:
ivan, everyone...

--- Quote from: ivan on February 15, 2022, 12:58:41 am ---...If it won't do those things I will continue using Dave's Firefox ESR 38.8.0 on OS/2 or the Linux Firefox ESR via my KVM switch.
--- End quote ---

You bring up an excellent point, and even though they say "you don't look a gift horse in the mouth", the reality is that by now, after some years of use, most of us have established a browser platform for interacting with the WWW.

So while my FF 45.9 may not be capable of successfully rendering ALL the sites out there, the reality of my life is that I have far too much of a 'FF 45.9 configured' setup to simply move on over to a browser that only does the basic rendering for ALL of the pages out there.

In fact, as an alternative it is FAR cheaper and FAR more robust to utilize RDP access to a Win/Linux based browser install, or the KVM switch that you ivan are suggesting.

Here is what's been eating away at me: the funding drive, while generally a great and just effort, seems to be single handedly relying on us, the OS/2 end-users to cover the costs. So where are the big-fish of our platform in all of this? Does anyone know? Have those kind of conversations taken place and have any results been arrived at?

If you want to talk full-disclosure, well, let's "talk the talk, and walk the walk"...much easier to raise additional funds if we all understand the full playing field!

Roderick Klein:
I will try to answer to the best of abiilities your questions.

For your first question download the Otter Browser on Windows or Linux. Its effecitvely the same browser as on ArcaOS.
https://otter-browser.org/ most of the functions should be the same on ArcaOS. 

As for your second question I do not know.

Your third question ? Are you referring to the QT testbrowser that was distributed and mentioned by other people ?

As I mentioned this this working towards a first public beta. That is what the focus is on.
Otter was selected as the browser has been under development for a longer time already.
And while we try with this browser to satisfy as many users as possible, we can not make everybody happy.

The small group of beta testers indeed reported that websites that you could
no longer access on OS/2, now work again. And that is the primary goal of this project make as many websites accesiable again
on OS/2 and ArcaOS.


Roderick Klein

Dave Yeo:
Hi Ivan, playing with it on Linux, it is not very configurable, currently has no support for extensions though I believe support is planned and comes with its own ad blocker which seems to work. Not sure about tab re-positioning, at least they're along the top like our current browsers.

Hi Dariusz, we don't all have a spare Windows or Linux machine to use. As for funding, I don't think there are any big fish who care about having a browser left besides Arca Noae and I had the impression they and Bitwise don't get along as well as they used to, not that I really know.
I fully expect a lot of people will continue to use the Mozilla browsers along side the new one, perhaps eventually fully migrating, perhaps not. Still need to do email etc too.

Hi Roderick, unluckily we'll be back to not being supported on a lot of sites due to the speed of Browser development and can't even fall back to work arounds in add-ons like the XUL based browsers are doing. The XUL based ones also have a larger user base to pressure sites like GitHub to revert changes that affects them like the recent chaining operator thing, which at least the Simple Browser gets a 4/5 for supporting.
Site showing compatibility, https://kangax.github.io/compat-table/es2016plus/ which our old browsers fail badly, the Simple Browser does support up to 2020 JavaScript standards.
The continuing problem is crappy web developers who just plug in JS libraries, test on a couple of browsers and call it done instead of testing for features and having fall backs. We're supposed to update every month now a days
Hopefully the QT people keep supporting the QT5 web engine as it is hard to imagine the shrinking community being able to pay for porting current QT6

What was the reason why the Otter Browser was chosen in first place? The Qupzilla/Falkon browser is more frequently updated and has a larger user base. It has the same requirement for a current QT framework.

Heikki Kekki:
I can use my internet bank with Simple Browser. It is slow and crashes often, but it doesn't leak shared memory like FreeRDP.


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