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Russia attacked Ukraine

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Martin Iturbide:
Hi OS4User

I felt sad when I found about the Russian military invasion to Ukraine. My thoughts went first to all our OS/2 community members (past and present) that are in Urkaine, and later to all people there that are having a hard time right now.

OS4User, I don't know your real name or location, if you are in Ukraine, please stay safe.

Note: I removed the curse word from the subject, just to try to have civil discussion.

Ref: Russia Attacks Ukraine


To my great regret, Russia began this war. I sincerely wish the courage to the inhabitants of Ukraine and want the world rather came.
Os4user take care of yourself. I hope that everything will be alright.

Martin Iturbide:

I was tempted to contact of our Russian community friends just know like "a  man in the street" point of view, but I was advice not to do that to protect themself in case they are not in favor of the Russian government.

Russia is not know for their freedom of speech on these days, communications may be monitored, and it is better not to put them in trouble.

Some Ref:
- "Putin cracks down on Russians who call for PEACE in Ukraine: Demonstrators in Moscow are dragged away by police after showing solidarity with protests across the world"
- "Russia: Peaceful protests nearly impossible, says Amnesty "

Also, it is scary to see Twitter and other social media right now.


Roderick Klein:
See what the spokesman in the UN said from Kenia in 2 1/2 minutes video, its spot on:

Its good to look at the past and learn from it. But how long can be continue to hang onto the past ?
The human race has plenty of global challanges where we need to work toghether.



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