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Dacal CD Library


Doug Clark:
Dacal made a machine for storing CD/DVDs which was marketed under the names of Dacal CD Library, CAF Tek Digital Disc Organizer, and ZIO TEK, among others.  The machines store 150 disks on a rotating carousel and have a number pad on front for keying in the slot holding a disk as well a USB port for interfacing to a cataloging software application.

The machines use one or two rubber belts: one for rotating the carousel and the other for ejecting the disk - later machines use a set of gears
instead of a belt for the ejecting machanism.  The link below is a video of one of the machines in action.

The weakness in the machines are the belts - they stretch and/or become hard.  When that happens the carousel will not rotate or the disk will not eject and the machine will display the message SOS above the keypad.

The solution is to install a new belt.  However Dacal no longer makes the machines and I have not been able to find a part number or specifications for the belt.  So I contacted a local rubber company and had them manufacture some new belts for me.  I have attached a drawing of the belt so that anyone else seeking replacement belts can either contact Denver Rubber Company or take the drawing to their local rubber company and have some made.

I have also attached some pics of the machine disassembled.  To remove the top cover you have to remove 6 screws from the bottom of the machine (three in front and three in the back) one screw on each side towards the front.  Lift up the top cover from the back, and carefully snap the front of the top cover off of the front panel.

To remove the carousel you have to remove three screws from the cover in the center of the carousel and then lift off the cover.  You CAN lift off the center cover while the carousel is loaded if you are careful.  The carousel then just lifts off - the belts are under the carousel.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Doug.

Can I have your permission to re-post this on the Internet Archive?


Doug Clark:
Yes - and thanks.  I want to make it available to whoever needs it.


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