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RPM: Switching from i686 to Pentium4

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unfortunately the way you showed, does not work for me since i am not connected with my os/2-pc to the net.
so i am trying to change the packages manually.
i found out i need perl installed to get some programs running.
with some effort ifound out which packes i need. its 27 packages that cannot be installed seperately due to dependencies. and here comes my problem:
ANPM only allows to enter the paths for 3 or 4 packages (text input is limited).
Similar with YUM. Shorting the input just the the rpm-names does not work. YUM does not find my local repo for some reason. It only does if I enter the full path for each file. That works if you have 3 packages but not with 27...

Hi andreas, 

Why not just download the RPMs and then use ARCVIEW to open it and then manually install it where you want?

would that help for installing other packages for other programs with ANPM? Can ANPM include the manually installed files in its database? i fear ANPM will block installation for other programs then...

Dave Yeo:
Hi Andreas, when I had a local repository, installed in k:\rpm.local, I had in @unixroot\etc\yum\repos.d,

--- Code: ---[local]
name=My local repo

--- End code ---

Personally, I've left most of my installed packages as i686, just converting to P4 as needed or as updating a package. Works fine as they're all basically the same architecture. The important thing is to update your platform to P4.

Could be a problem if you rely on rpm/yum.  I have it on my computer only because ArcaOS installed it but have never used it - I was burned with it when I used suse linux (I have since changer to linux mint) and decided 'never again'.

Looking at it I think it is possible to find out what each rpm needs but I am an advocate for 'if it works why change anything' change for the sake of change isn't good, after all the only good changes are ones that add something or enhance to what you are doing.

You need to look at what you are doing and ask the question 'will adding/changing something make my working better/easier' if the answer to that is yes then by all means make the changes, if no just ignore the proposed changes.


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