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RPM: Switching from i686 to Pentium4

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Alex Taylor:

--- Quote from: andreas on May 12, 2023, 09:22:05 pm ---with some effort ifound out which packes i need. its 27 packages that cannot be installed seperately due to dependencies. and here comes my problem:
ANPM only allows to enter the paths for 3 or 4 packages (text input is limited).

--- End quote ---

I guess I should increase the text limit of that entryfield.

In the meantime, does it work if you put the package (file) names into a text file (one per line) and try to install using the "Import package list" option?

thanks very much for your answers.
I'd really appreciate to have the entryfield increased. I hope this will not turn out to be too difficult to achieve.
Anyway: Thanks for your efforts in advance.
I'll try to follow your suggestion with the import list as soon as I find the time and will tell you if it worked.

sorry for the late reply. (was busy with founding a new company..)

I tried to create an import file (btw, found our it works great if you select the files - avoiding a folder - with ""copy file name").
But unfortunately ANPM doesn't accept the input. The field where you normally see the files to get installed stays empty. I get a message, that the files cannot be found - before ANPM provides a list with these files in the right folder...

first tried with ANPM 1.0, then tried - without any change - 1.1.


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