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AVxCAT (v2 into test)

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The correction about dlls was introduced with fixpack 00003
I review my code and find a possible (in a very specific case) crash during conversion.
I corrected this, updated a few comments into extra logs view dialog and removed a older left trace entry.
I just refreshed the same wpi package at this time.

bldlevel is now:
Build Level Display Facility Version 6.12.675 Sep 25 2001
(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1993-2001
Signature:       @#Remy DODIN: 3 Mar 2023 11:55:05      ARCAOS-000
::::0.3::00004@@GA build'
Vendor:          Remy DODIN
Date/Time:       3 Mar 2023 11:55:05
Build Machine:   ARCAOS-000
FixPak Version:  00004
File Version:    2.0
Description:     GA build'

Please TeLLie, get the refreshed V2.0.0.3 WPI and tell me how it works now for you.


note: fixpack 00005   

Hi Remy

I installed the latest wpi and now all is working...

Thankz for this nice piece of OS2 software :)

Kind regards, TeLLie

I use Arcanoae ...

For current V2 ->  now V2.0.0.4
A few corrections ( e.g.  regression on metadatas when grabbing CD code introduced on 25 feb 2023)   

avxcat_rep.zip (for the V2  exe replacement only)



(Official GA on including new pdf revision file)

A fix was issued on AVxCAT (fp1) - crash with vebcam

A zip preview AVxCAT V2.1.0 is available for test (must be installed above AVxCAT V2.0.1.x)
(please use write to author link from AVxCAT since I had to disable email link from my website due to bad contacts)  [ in test mode, available at request ] - new fix 11 (30082023)
         - New option to use Icon buttons for predefined profiles instead of dropdown list
         - Selected iconbutton profile is saved at AVxCAT file/exit
         - Possibility to customize iconbutton profile (use of external cfg file)
         - Added [X] "delete" option for user created profiles under [New profile] button
         - Added "Create folder(s)" & "delete folder" under internal filemanager called by [Chg] button for target folder
         - Added "M4A" alac
         - Added "MOV"
         - Added MD5 package used to autocheck downloaded updates (through AVxCAT menu)
         - New ffmpegca.dll
         - Optimized parameters when involving leech (USB CD-ROM, grabbing private CDs)
         - corrected: a wrong video profile
         - corrected: some video option may use incorrect video extension
         - corrected: hung could occure when cdd2wav reads a track having lot of jitter (changed a fixed parameter)
         - Somme minor corrections
         - changed a few webcam -> UDP initial settings
         - fix of webcam bug included

note: same location as wpi download but named "AVxCAT210-prev.zip"

info: window during webcam add (into main process list).
         To change some fields setting, click on updt (have webcam on), modify itsoffset to syncronize audio/video if needed
         ffplay checkbox is used with ffplay (ctrl) size used to display the stream video (only) to control recording or streaming.
         screenshots from v2.1.0

         Last screenshot is about downloaded update MD5 checksum error (I forced an error to get the message issued else no message)



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