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Internet Archive - I need some help.


Martin Iturbide:
I contacted someone from the Internet Archive to see the possibility to preserve OS/2 installers.
For the moment we are looking to start with the OS/2 1.x versions

I only have this versions of OS/2 1.x:

Microsoft OS/2 1.x
   Microsoft OS2 1.0 - English - Diskettes      
   Microsoft OS2 1.1 - English  - Diskettes      
   Microsoft OS2 1.3 - English - Diskettes
IBM OS2 1.x                  
   IBM OS2 1.2 Standard Edition (SE) - English - Diskettes         
   IBM OS2 1.20 Extended Edition (EE) - English - Diskettes            
   IBM OS2 1.30.1 Extended Edition (EE) - English - Diskettes         

I'm obviously missing  IBM OS/2 1.3 Standard Edition.

Can you please tell me if there are more?
Any more languages for this versions?
I'm looking also for nice scans of the packages.

(You are also free to contact me privately about this)



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