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Test build of dooble with qt5

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Hi All

Guess my qt5 installation needs updating ... where do I find QT5WEBW? - and any other required files?



Dave Yeo:
They should all be in netlabs-rel.

--- Code: ---H:\tmp>yum provides qt5webw.dll
arcanoae-rel         | 1.9 kB  00:00
arcanoae-rel/primary |  20 kB  00:00
netlabs-exp          | 2.9 kB  00:00
netlabs-exp/primary_ | 239 kB  00:00
netlabs-rel          | 2.9 kB  00:00
netlabs-rel/primary_ | 2.6 MB  00:01       ] 949 kB/s | 2.4 MB  00:00 ETA
qt5-qtwebengine-5.15.2-1.oc00.pentium4 : Qt5 - QtWebEngine components
Repo        : netlabs-rel
Matched from:
Other       : qt5webw.dll

--- End code ---

Paul Smedley:
Agree - qt5-qtwebengine should drag in everything needed - perhaps libssp as well

Dave Yeo:
Something else to consider is that as many as the dependency DLLs need to be marked high for stability. I listed them in the SimpleBrowser thread, guess we should have a script to do it.

Dave Yeo:
Here's a script to, I hope, mark all the dependent DLL's to load high. May need to reboot after to replace the files that were unlocked.
As an aside, trying to post a file from Dooble to here results in a crash and site can't be reached error. Currently the browser stays open but Dmitiry committed today a preference for it to run in single process mode, which is set, so in the future it may take out the whole browser.
Edit: Needs to be run in @unixroot\usr\lib. I'll fix it and update this post.
Edit: fixed script, please test.


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