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Dooble Browser rendering - missing characters

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Dave Yeo:
If you examine the image, it is the-weather-network-logo.svg and likely the text beside it is also svg. Hmm, going to https://www.w3schools.com/graphics/svg_examples.asp and running an example in Dooble results in "Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG" SeaMonkey the same result.
In conclusion, seems SVG support is more broken in Dooble then Mozilla.

David McKenna:
 Hey Dave,

  Those svg examples work on Dooble just fine here - maybe a missing dependancy? I do see the missing letters and logo on 'TheWeatherNetwork' though...


Dave Yeo:
Hmm, today they're working here


--- Quote from: Tom on May 08, 2022, 02:45:55 pm ---
Probably the issue that is mentioned in the updated readme-os2.txt ? See 


and also


and Dmitriy's earlier post here at the os2world forum:


--- End quote ---

installed Droid fonts selected in Wb Settings = no changes
installed Dejavu fonts from both zipped directory and wpi archive = no changes

If there is something else to do about it, which I'm missing (ie. a further configuration, additional settings, a priest blessing) please tell me, otherwise is good to give up. Firefox is still doing good in most of the situations where Dooble-Simplebrowser are failing.
Thank you anyway for trying to assist me in this.

David McKenna:
 Hi Mauro,

  Here is what I have set as fonts in Dooble (chosen automatically because I already had them installed when I got Dooble):

Cursive = Comic Sans MS
Fantasy = Impact
Fixed = Deja Vu Sans Mono
Pictograph = Deja Vu Serif
Sans Serif = Deja Vu Sans Serif
Serif = Deja Vu Serif
Standard = Deja Vu Serif

 The first 2 are from the MS Core Fonts msfontpack_2.0.wpi at http://Hobbes.nmsu.edu. The last 5 are from the Deja Vu pack you have. Check the 'Web' page under 'Settings' for the font settings.



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