Author Topic: OS/2 Warp Sound sample 2014 - Video  (Read 3995 times)

Sigurd Fastenrath

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OS/2 Warp Sound sample 2014 - Video
« on: January 12, 2014, 07:56:59 pm »
Even if I do not reach my goal - to show the difference between the Sound quality of the Lenovo X200t and the C-Media 8738 Soundchip with 5.1 Sound on my maximum Warp PC - it might be interesting for some.

Included is the short video I showed at the OS/2 User Meeting in Cologne.

I wonder, when Universal Studios may stop the Video because of the Sound I am using. ::)

Hope you enjoy.


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Re: OS/2 Warp Sound sample 2014 - Video
« Reply #1 on: January 13, 2014, 10:30:42 pm »

I admit it is difficult to tell on youtube if there is much difference.  However one thing I have found over the years relating to digital audio on computers is that a lot of the audio quality has more to do with how a sound chip is implemented on a system and whether or not it is filtering out external noise rather then the actual chipset used.

A lot of times I've found that onboard chipsets pick up a lot more noise from the system resulting in lower quailty audio then actual audio cards.  I recall a few years back when I did an experiment - I had a MB with an onboard chipset (c-media based) and a PCI sound card using the same c-media chip.  When I plugged the PCI card into the MB (and disabled the onboard audio) the audio quality was significantly better then when using the onboard - and it used the same driver.

However on the other hand I've also found that some low-quailty PCI audio cards have a habit of picking up external noise too - producing low-quality audio.   A lot of times it has more to do with the circuit design on the card and quality of the components rather then the chipset or driver itself.