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No files in network folders workplace shell

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Hello . i have os/2 warp 4.52 installed on a old computer . everything works except the network shares folders. I have the warp pc connected to a windows xp laptop . log in with my username and password . After that i see the networkshares with the folders from the windows xp laptop but when i click on these folders i get no files . everything is empty. but when i goto the os/2 command shell i see the files in the folders . But not in the workplace shell . What can i do to fix that ? strange that it works only in the command prompt .

They dont know or tell anything  >:(

Neil Waldhauer:
I've been using Samba client for browsing other computers.

But if it works in command line, but not in the Workplace shell, you might look at the folder properties Include tab and see if WPS is hiding files from you.

ok i dont know how to do that ?



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