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OS/4 Problem SVN6139

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R.M. Klippstein:
Latest OS/4 kernek (6139) istalled. Starts Boot then craps out with: SYS1719: The file E:\OS2Boot \PmDDK.SYS specified  i the *** statmet o n line 31 of the config.sys file does ot cotain a valid device driver or file system driver. Line 31 is ignored. Press enter to cotinue.
   I' guessing this because of the notice included with the installation instructions say "Patch" needs to be installed. It looks like www.gus.byusk.ru  has been down for a few days and remains that wey. So I don't know which patch is needed, is there another site these patches can be dowloaded from?

Thaks for any help you ca offer.    klipp

1) latest OS/4 kernel is 6140. However, I experience a trap on bootup. I donĀ“t know why. I created a trap dump but the dump formatter (that comes with eCS) cannot properly decode the dump. the OS/4 kernel seems to be not equivalent in this respect.

2) are you sure it is "E:\OS2BOOT \pmDDK.SYS" ? Looks like that should be "E:\OS2\BOOT\PMDDK.SYS". Or is that a typo ?

3) have you also installed ALL other drivers that come with the OS/4 zip ? OS4APIC.PSD, SCREEN03.SYS, OEMHLP.BPD ?

4) you might also be forced to install ACPI4.BPD in case your system no longer has working MP tables (this is something that predates the ACPI tables and provides a subset of functionality of the ACPI tables to support a multi-core/multi-processor system). However, that driver is hard to find but drop me a private note and I can send that to you.

I doubt that you need to patch something (likely, you mean ACPI.PSD). And the ACPI.PSD that can be patched is an outdated version, that is not recommended anyways.

Specifying VALIMIT=3072 seems to fix the trap that I was experiencing. But I have probs running with 8 cores. Looks like there is something wrong with the thread scheduling (it blocks for extended periods).

R.M. Klippstein:
Hi Lars, Thanks I really appreciate the help!
I finally found 6140 and downloaded it. I'll get installed in the mourning, then I can compare your results with mine.
I noticed the 6140 makes no reference to needing a patch, apparently something got fixed and the reason for 6140
Thanks also for the offer of ACPI4.bpd, Now I realy need to display my ignorancs, and ask you "How do I send you a "Private note"?
Gotta give it up for tonight, be back in the morning.



--- Quote from: R.M. Klippstein on June 07, 2022, 09:36:30 pm ---Thaks for any help you ca offer.    klipp

--- End quote ---

Hi. Everything you need to install OS/4 is in the distributive. You just have to follow the NowTo step by step.


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