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Lying low for a few days

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Paul Smedley:
Hey All...

I'm going to be lying low for a few days....

What an honour and a privilege it is has been to have been owned and loved by such a special boy.
Hudson Bestest Boi Smedley 22/4/2010 - 19/6/2022

Jochen Schäfer:


Eugene Tucker:
Sorry for your lose Paul. Fur people are the best. I remember the many canines and felines that were friends and family of mine.

Martin Iturbide:
I'm sorry Paul. It is always hard to loose a mascot since they are part of the family. I remember long time ago your pictures with the puppy and even your picture at ArcaNoe Store with your dog and I understand how much you cared for. Just take the time you need without any pressure to reply on the forums.



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