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Martin Vieregg:
I have uploaded meshell-os2.wpi to hobbes incoming two weeks ago and now the file have vanished.
These files I have uploaded:

Any idea?

Andreas Schnellbacher:
No, they are not in /pub/delayed, nor in /pub/new. Just try again or address Curtis, the Hobbes maintainer.

BTW: Which FTP client have you used to upload the files? (Hobbes requires passive FTP. E.g. using the standard OS/2 client leads to corrupted data, but its result appeared as yet. A suitable OS/2 FTP client is ncftp.)

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Martin

Just in case, since I had been reorganizacion files in hobbes, I want to say I haven't touched anything  ;D. I saw your file some days ago in the incoming, but didn't followed it later. I have no special access to hobbes for the reorganization that I'm doing.

The only thing that I had noticed and told Curtis, is that there were some problems while replacing files, he told me that it was something he was tweaking and now it is fixed.

I will advice you to upload again the files and see if it works this time.


Sergey Posokhov:
Hobbes requires passive FTP mode.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Thanks Sergey. Didn't notice this change: Since 23.11.2008 NFTP is no longer shareware. It is freeware. Good to know that we have another option for a recent FTP client. While ncftp is just a FTP cmdline client (similar to the old IBM version), your nftp screenshot looks like it comes with a built-in file manager.


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