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Rick Smith:
Greetings All,

I am giving Arca another go on my thinkpad 430s and there are a couple things I know I figured out before but cant seem to remember how to today.  One my touch pad works as expected but cannot use it to scroll? Was this ever working or was I imagining that?  Also there is a way to drill down into folders without opening a new window, I just dont recall how to do that... I did get it to work with my 1080 laptop screen that I installed so thats awesome!

Glad to be back, Hope everyone is well



Matt Walsh:
About your scrolling, I can't help as I use a USB mouse.  For drilling down I just double click on the folder and put up with lots of windows, but if I'm working on files I just use the FC/2 program as a one screen file handler.  Using it means I rarely  have to just open folders directlly.  Just a thought.
Matt W

When you use Shift + Enter to open an object, it opens that object and at the same time closes the parent object that contains the object you just opened.

Dave Yeo:
Open the Drives Properties, go to Window and on the first page click Display existing window and on the 2nd page choose the automatic close folder you want?

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Another option is to use the 'Xview' view of a folder. Subfolders started from its tree open in the same window. You can make that default via System Setup -> Workplace Shell, "Folder Views" tab, Default folder view: (o) Xview


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