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WIFI on Dell Latitude D610

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Vanzeveren François:
Hello everyone,
I am trying to rehabilitate two old computers with ArcaOS 5.0.7: a Compaq Evo n800c and a Dell Latitude D610.
When installing on the Dell, the installer only detected the wired network adaptator (BROADCOM BCM57xx(x) / BCM590x), but not the wireless one. At the time of installation, I did not know which wireless adapter the Dell had.
After installation, I looked for the wireless adaptator model to find out that it is an Intel 2200 WLAN. I therefore installed the GenMac Wrapper Intel 2200 WLAN  [8086/4220]. At boot, ArcaOS now does detect the hardware... but I am unable to activate it, scan for connection, etc... All the XWLAN widget items/functions are greyed out. Also, when the GenMac driver is installed, I lose also my wired connection. I have to uninstall the GenMac wrapper to retreive the connection through ethernet.
If s.o. could help, it would be much appreciated.


Can you post the content of protocol.ini (to be found in \ibmcom) in both cases?

Martin Iturbide:
Hi François, welcome to the forum.

I will also like to also suggest you to install testlog (link here), run "testlog generic" and upload the text the report. With that we can have a first idea of your configuration.

I found that the Intel 2200 Wlan [8086:4220] is listed as supported devices of GenMU, which is a extra set of driver for GenMAC.


Andreas Schnellbacher:
But 8068:4220 is also contained in the original GeMac package 2.20. pcklist.txt has:

--- Code: ---genmac220_intel.wpi:908:GenMac Wrapper Intel 2200 Wlan [8086:4220]

--- End code ---
So the original package should match. Interesting would be the content of ?:\ibmcom\lantran.log and ?:\mptn\bin\setup.cmd, which are contained in "testlog generic".

Vanzeveren François:

Thank you for your answers/comments. Meanwhile, I completely messed up my configuration (trials and errors), so I prefer to reinstall my system completely. But now that I know which wireless network adapter to choose, i will install it from scratch.
I will keep you posted of the results :)




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