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WIFI on Dell Latitude D610

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Vanzeveren François:
Hi again

So, after a fresh installation of ArcaOS 5.0.7 with both the  Broadcom BCM and GenMac Wrapper Intel WLAN 2200 network adaptators set-up, there are some improvements on the wlan side... but it still does not work.

On the side of improvements, now I can
- Enable Radio
- Scan for hotspots and select a hotspot

On the side of issues
- When enabling the Radio, I get a warning message complaining that
--- Quote ---The TCP/IP address assigned to the interface of the Wireless LAN device concflicts with the address assigned to interface lan0.
Press Yes to disable interface lan0, No to annul the configuration of the interface of the Wireless LAN device
--- End quote ---
- If I select Yes, then the wired LAN is desactivated, and the wirless activated.
- In the XCenter widget, the "Scan for Connection" remains disabled, preventing me to connect to my wireless box.
- In the XCenter, only the "Public hotspot is available" where I can scan for hotspots (but these are not wireless lan)
- No internet connection is possible.

I have attached the report from TESTLOG.EXE 3.5

Thank you for your help!


Andreas Schnellbacher:
Put the wireless on interface lan1 and it may work. Apparently you try to set both the cabled and the wireless nodes to lan0.

Don't remember where to configure that, but that's the usual configuration for LAN and WiFi simultaneously. Posting the not-working \mptn\bin\setup.cmd would have put more light on this.

It is possible to completely disable a previous configuration in setup.cmd, including lan0 and lan1, without a boot. To do that, execute:

--- Code: ---dhcpmon -t
route -f
ifconfig lan0 down
ifconfig lan0 delete
ifconfig lan1 down
ifconfig lan1 delete

--- End code ---

After that, you can verify that ...

... dhcpmon is terminated by starting a process viewer, e.g. top.

... the default route is deleted.

--- Code: ---route -n get default

--- End code ---

... both interfaces are set to default values:

--- Code: ---ifconfig lan0
ifconfig lan1

--- End code ---

Just compare the output to that from before.

Vanzeveren François:
Hello Andreas

Sorry for my very late reaction. I have been away for a long time and did not touch my ArcaOS setup since then.
I will try to follow your instructions.
The weird think is that I can connect to HotSpot (e.g. the google assistant of my son), but not to my WiFi network. I will check this.



Vanzeveren François:
Hourra !

It was a dummy misunderstanding on how to set-up internet connection.
I did not get it was required to create manually a profile.

Now it works.

Thank you for your help!



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