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Rick Smith:

I have given up on SSH (decently) working on arca, kind of a shame but such is life at time.. :-) I am wondering in node.js is a possibility has anyone tried it?

Rick ;D

Sergey Posokhov:

Martin Iturbide:

I always wanted to see if we can run node.js application as stand alone.
There were some node.js applications that runs inside the firefox and dooble browser on OS/2, but I always wondering what it is missing to be able to run those as stand alone apps. I found it interesting how quick the developer make those apps for Windows, MacOS, Linux and web.

Some of the apps are like Element for chat. There are some other I don't remember now. I guess we need to get the list of killer node.js open source software and solve the question. Why getting Node.js running on OS/2 will be cool ?

And, it seems I forgot to further test js.exe from "What is needed for Node.js apps?"


Rick Smith:
I thought about giving enigma bbs  a try completely node.js might be fun..?



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