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I'm going to try to hook up a serial -> usb cable and test out a terminal app. Where can I find the USBTree to try to see where ArcaOS assigns the COM port? I can 'see' the cable in Hardware Manager but I don't know what it's been assigned to.

Andi B.:
There exists a usbtree test version but it probably will not show the information you are looking for.

You can try 'mode com1:' 'mode com2:' and so on from command line. There is also a usbcom parameter (config.sys) to start numbering from f.e. com5.

Neil Waldhauer:
USBCOM.SYS needs to be the first Device in Config.Sys so that it gets first pick of the COM ports.

NETBIOS will grab some COM ports otherwise, leaving us at COM10, which won't work with the OS/2 Dialer.

When USBCOM.SYS is first in Config.Sys, it get COM1, which works well.


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