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I can't run DOS Windowed, the window opens and the prompt is this: >: and that's all I get. DOS full screen I get the prompt but I can't type anything. Neither windowed or full screen OS2/WIN sessions do anything but lock up the computer. Any suggestions? I already added /int10textgrfxsafe to my config.sys as I found in the ArcaOS website.

Neil Waldhauer:
This is normal for OS/2 on modern machines. BIOS is not correctly emulated.

viop.sys might help for DOS/Windows full screen. Not sure where to get it.

Waiting for ArcaOS 5.1 UEFI, where both DOS and Windows will be working full screen and in a window.

Depending on how old ArcaOS version, it might be worth installing the updates. Fixes to drivers seemed to help on some systems.

Hi yes it's a new install. I figured it was a BIOS setting and I went back and looked but didn't see any settings. It's a ThinkPad Yoga 20CD.

Martin Iturbide:

You can try the experimental vio-1.0.wpi from this ArcaNoae Ticket.

Here I wrote something about it.


I finally got the chance to install the patch. It seems now my full-screen DOS works now, before it would open and I couldn’t type anything and also Win-OS2 works for me now Windowed DOS mode still does the same thing with the weird characters. I’d say I made some progress. If it helps I am using an IBM Thinkpad 20CD.


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