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XHCI and USB Audio perspectives

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Greetings, dear community.
Please tell me what prospects to get UAC1/2 support for controllers without EHCI support.
As far as I understand now, the problem is the lack of isochronous support in the current drivers.
At the moment, there are more and more boards with controllers that support only XHCI interfaces, sound devices in USB ports do not work on such boards.
Does no one output sound via USB?

AN USB 12.13 drivers should support isochronous endpoints with XHCI controllers. Have you tried the AN drivers ?

David had contacted me that there *might* be problems with USBAUDIO.SYS / USBAUD2.SYS in conjunction with XHCI but he was not 100 % positive, therefore you should give it a try.

Dave Yeo:
If they don't work and you have a current AOS subscription, you should open an issue. David is pretty responsive and often will fix things

Neil Waldhauer:
The USB audio driver worked with my XHCI only system a while ago in testing.

Recent advances in Uniaud made USB sound unnecessary on my systems.

Mikhail is looking for something that supports sample rates well beyond 44.1 kHz and also 32-bit sample depth. Uniaud cannot do that, partly because only USB AUDIO knows about those new PCM sample formats and partly because Uniaud on board HW does not support that.


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