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XHCI and USB Audio perspectives

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--- Quote from: Lars on December 10, 2022, 02:25:20 pm ---If they don't respond, the only advice remaining is: switch over to another OS, Linux or Windows, whatever you prefer.

--- End quote ---
I am deeply immersed in the topic of sound quality of different operating systems on specially prepared computers. OS/2 in general and OS/4 in particular sounds the best of all systems. If the difference was not fundamental, I would have switched to Windows or Linux a long time ago. There would be much less problems with compatibility.

As to point 3) in my last email to you: please try the attached and see if that makes a difference.
Unfortunately, I cannot send any ZIP file to you that contains .SYS driver files (Google rejects).
You could also send me an upload link via private message.

I will clarify the current status.
USB Audio devices of Class 2.0 on the ports of XHCI controllers do not work stably.
The problems described in the topics above have not yet been solved.
Most devices experience problems with cracking and dropping samples, sometimes slightly noticeable, sometimes very noticeable.
Other devices cannot synchronize the sampling frequency of the audio stream with the signal source the first time. As a result, the playback speed changes.

Unfortunately - AN rejected my ticket to the XHCI driver with this problem.

If there are those who wish to repeat the appeal, use only the release versions of drivers and OS when preparing logs.


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