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As I begin to add more programs to my ArcaOS mahine, there are shortcuts (I think) and file folders that get added automatically. Should I be moving the icons to the Programs folder on the desktop? If I want to add a program to the desktop, is creating a shadow the best way?

Dave Yeo:
Best is to create a program object, find the program on the drives object, right click and choose Create Program Object, give it a name and select Desktop for where to create it. You can then drag it to Programs or wherever you want to keep it. Generally when installing a program, it is a program object that is created. You can also right click on it, open its properties and set various things up such as associations, parameters, environment and such, even have it automatically run.
A shadow is similar to a shortcut or link that can't be easily broken and better if you want to do something like have a folder of BMP's on the desktop or in one of its folders.
There is also the Templates folder under Computer, which allows all kinds of objects to be created by dragging a template to the desktop and filling in stuff, eg drag the Program Template to the desktop and fill in the Path to the program etc.

Thanks, that cleared it up. I haven't used OS/2 in so many years, last time was when I had a brand new 486! I've been using ArcaOS almost daily now and my desktop is getting cluttered up.

How can I tell if a folder on the Desktop is a copy, all I can see so far is that the object property Real name is not on the Desktop folder but another location. Is that the only way to tell?

Dave Yeo:
By default, a shadow should have light blue coloured text while an actual folder will have white text, same with other stuff.

Andi B.:
And for a shadow you have an additional entry in the 'right click' popup menu named Original - Locate which I find very handy.


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